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Hello, my name is Phil and I would find love on this site. We can talk and Then we"II see. Hope that we will be able to share stuff: sports, restaurants, etc. Sorry my english is so so ...

26 years old | Canada, Montréal-Nord

Last time online: More than 3 months

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I'm 27 years old, and almost six years ago my spinal cord was thrown into bedlam. An insurgent force of rogue cytokines(TNF) carried out a massive suicide attack for motives which elude us to this very day. Based on armchair theories about cells, and macroscale imaging of the damaged areas, our best guess is that that the TNF began to amass across substantial portions of the spine, thereby... ...

26 years old | Austin, Texas

Last time online: More than 3 months

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Disabled male looking for a non disabled female

I'm a 21 year old disabled male looking to find someone that can see past my chair and love me for me. I am a bit shy but get to know me and I'll be an open book. ...

21 years old | Plainfield, Connecticut

Last time online: More than 3 months

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Still Me

Ask me. Friendship or more. ...

57 years old | Piney View, West Virginia

Last time online: More than 3 months

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~Share the Joy~

Joy is an attitude;it is a presence of love-for self and others.It comes from a feeling of inner peace,the ability to give and receive,and appreciation of the self and others.It is a state of gratitude and compassion,a feeling of connection to your higher self. ...

43 years old | Canada, Brampton

Last time online: More than 3 months

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5 10 brown hair blue eyes ...

37 years old | United Kingdom, Leatherhead

Last time online: More than 3 months

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I am the only me I know and looking for my Him.

Hi, my name is Craig and I'm not your average guy. I am looking for the right man to fulfill both our lives. I am not into one-night stands, mind games, or drugs. I believe in getting to know each other first and dating the old-fashioned way. I love the beach, long romantic walks, hiking, reading Stephen King novels curled up by a fire, movies, cooking, and many other interests that we can talk ab... ...

53 years old | Reno, Nevada

Last time online: More than 3 months

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Incomplete Quad looking for love

I am an incomplete quadriplegic. I've been this way since Nov. '09. I'm also a mother of a beautiful almost 9 yr. old daughter. I like contemporary Christian music plus the 90's. I try to attend church every Sunday. Since God was the one who saved my life. I also like bowling, taking walks (strolls LOL), talking on the phone and texting(BUT not while driving, that's how I ended up disabled), watch... ...

31 years old | Rose Hill, Kansas

Last time online: More than 3 months

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Looking for a friend maybe more

Looking for a good woman, with since of humor open minded and can see passed my wheelchair and injury. I medically retired from the army in 2010 (C6-C7 Quadriplegic) my injury is a blessing by misfortune. I enjoy life, traveling and assisting the 4 non-profits I work for that support severely disabled vets, disabled children and the community. ...

34 years old | Richmond, Virginia

Last time online: More than 3 months

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I'm not a complicated person. I enjoy the company of my friends and family. I am just as happy to socialise at a club or wine and dine. I truly appreciate the quiet times but also love listening to my music, really loud. ...

42 years old | Australia, Abbotts

Last time online: More than 3 months

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