esperanza32681   (open in a new window)

looking for friends...

well,i am loving,honest ,sincere and thoughtful woman.i am dedicated person towards my work and to the persons i cared and love.i`m lil conservative but im open-minded and respected individual as a unique person, i respected individuals differences in regards to cultures and beliefs in life.

my objective in posting my profile in this site is hopefully i can found someone will help me to wo... ...

31 years old | Philippines, Fairview

Last time online: More than 3 months

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mikec5quad   (open in a new window)


30 years old | United Kingdom, Nottingham

Last time online: More than 3 months

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autumn18   (open in a new window)


I'm Autumn, and I'm 18. I was born with something called Spina Bifida and was born paralyzed from the waist down. Because of that, I have to wear diapers and be catheterized everyday. It's a struggle and I just want to find someone who understands. ...

18 years old | Max Meadows, Virginia

Last time online: More than 3 months

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terriola   (open in a new window)

Spinal cord injury for 13 years now, in a wheelcha

I have dark hair and eyes. Slight build. Olive skin. Looking for someone to spend quality time with and maybe more. ...

53 years old | Wilmington, North Carolina

Last time online: More than 3 months

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garyjohnson778   (open in a new window)


I am a quadriplegic who is very much still alive, i am easy to talk to and have a good sense of humour. Unfortunately my hands dont work so i really need a good friend that can help out now and then in my home. ...

51 years old | Australia, Middle Swan

Last time online: More than 3 months

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freewheel   (open in a new window)


30 years old | Rural Area, Arkansas

Last time online: More than 3 months

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myscilife   (open in a new window)

Looking forward to a fresh start

I wrote everything out in a document and this site won't let me paste it here. I'll have to re-write it all later. ...

30 years old | Canada, Saint John`s

Last time online: More than 3 months

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hotloverboy12   (open in a new window)

community outreach

I am a very passionate person, outgoing and very well educated. If you like to know more please feel free to send me a message. ...

26 years old | Mount Healthy, Ohio

Last time online: More than 3 months

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quadmaster   (open in a new window)

Quadriplegic confined to Wheelchair

Outdoorsy kind of gentle man who loves the sunshine, being in the outdoors, being in nature’s garden and loves going out on the water. I love all types of food, whether at home with a home cooked meal or out at a dining pleasure. I love adventure movies or anything about knowledge or learning. Always open for a new challenge or adventure with the right partner. Looking for ...

43 years old | Canada, British Columbia

Last time online: More than 3 months

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chrissulli   (open in a new window)

Looking for someone that likes me for me

I am an outgoing person I was healing out from Afghanistan and shot through my neck and my home call me party and I'm just looking for someone that would like to get to know me and hopefully get together ...

24 years old | San Antonio, Texas

Last time online: More than 3 months

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